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Your leading provider of telephony and mobility applications within the hospitality, gaming, and conference center vertical.

We evolve ahead of technology trends, allowing you to provide the ultimate guest experience.

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A new way to display and interact with your guests.
– Digital Signage (DS) solution for your guest rooms and lobby
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The Guest Experience

Make each and every interaction with your guests exceptional and personal. From their name to their wake-up call, know precisely who they are and what makes your guest unique.
Grandstream phone with Percipia Latitude mobile app and Parallax integration software

is Evolving

Guests require rapid interaction before, during and after their stay. Offer detailed information, instant communication and a seamless experience on or off‑site. We bring a new meaning to hospitality.
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Our Solutions

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Human interaction is imperative in hospitality Frequency PBX, Frequency Operator, and Frequency Connect are the reliable and cost effective solutions to never miss a guest, reservation or back of office call on and off property.
Our Parallax software lets you know who is calling, with PMS integrated Caller ID, set guest wakeup call and DND, and much more!
Welcoming and relaying a message to your guest is hospitality 101. Precision VM is the mailbox that moves with the guest no matter if they move rooms, delete their VM by accident or need an email forward.
Informant CAS is on your side for in depth call reporting, tracking and billing. Never be surprised buy a high valued long distance call again.
Whether on-the-go or in the guest room, offering your guests Latitude mobile application will streamline communication, information and bring together all your systems for the ultimate guest experience.
Being centrally located in the United States, allows us to be readily available for our clients from coast-to-coast. Our products are designed and made in America, and we pride ourselves on representing the US hospitality industry.
-Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia