PercipiaCare & PercipiaCare PLUS

Introducing PercipiaCare and PercipiaCare PLUS luxury support programs.


PercipiaCare and PercipiaCare PLUS support and maintenance programs offer a higher level experience with better perks and rewards. PercipiaCare replaces the legacy Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) program, while PercipiaCare PLUS offers faster response times, deeper discounts on hardware and new software, and includes FREE full software upgrades*.

The purchase of new Percipia software includes 1 full year of PercipiaCare**

BENEFITS PercipiaCare PercipiaCare PLUS
Unlimited Service Ticket Requests
Unlimited Bug Fixes
Unlimited Interface Resolution Issues
System Training & Refresher Courses Biannual Quarterly
Discounted Full Software Version Upgrades 50% Included - 3 & 5 Year Options
Zabbix Monitoring Add-on Included
Discounted Custom Software Development 10% 20%
System Backups Annual Biannual
MSRP Discount on New Hardware 10% 20%
Discounted New Software Purchases 20% 40%





Covered Products

Frequency PBX

A reliable and cost-effective IP phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Frequency Stratus

Improved cloud-based solution by Percipia. Frequency Stratus is Percipia's industry leading on-premise telephony system in the cloud.

Frequency SE

Percipia’s Select Edition telephone system for Select Service and Extended Stay hotels.

Frequency Operator

An enhanced one-click touch add-on for Frequency PBX that enables call management efficiencies, increasing systematic operations.

Frequency Connect

An essential mobile and desktop application for Frequency PBX that allows professionals to take calls on the go.


Industry-leading hospitality interface gateway that supplies a comprehensive suite of features to your existing property management system

Master Parallax

Master Parallax is your go-to tool for managing multiple Parallax systems. View all guest’s check-in at all properties and offer all Parallax features.

Precision VM

A versatile voice mail system that moves with the guest no matter how many times they change rooms.

Informant CAS

User-friendly call accounting software (CAS) developed for the hospitality industry.

Latitude Mobile

The latest advancement in mobile applications for the hospitality industry.

Latitude AIO

When telephony marries mobility, you enhance your property with the ultimate guest experience.

Latitude DS

Create custom hospitality centric digital signage outside your guestrooms and in the lobby.


A hospitality integration platform with Alexa for Hospitality.

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