Create custom hospitality centric digital signage outside your guestrooms and in the lobby.

Inform. Engage. Generate.


Latitude DS is a perfect solution to display hotel information and engage guests 24/7. With an always-on display, your guests can independently check-in and out, view airline and flight information, view conference schedule, browse hotel amenities, and much more.

Indicate. Ring. Promote.

Implement Latitude DS outside every guest room to showcase room number, privacy status, make-up room indicator, doorbell feature, and promotional banners. When coupled with Frequency PBX, your hotel staff can press the Doorbell icon to intercom the in-room phone.
Developed for Android and iOS devices.
A hub solution will have your guests going one place for room and property information and requests
Disseminate property promotions and information without printing costs.
Instantly display and notify your housekeeping staff with a workflow automation interface and a Makeup Room door icon.
Turning on privacy will illuminate a DND door icon, send all calls to voice mailbox and notify the PMS of the guest room status.
We are taking Go Green to the next level by completely eliminating the printed Go Green sign and digitizing it with a door icon.

Latitude DS Features

  • iOS and Android Platforms
  • Portrait and/or Landscape Orientation
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Display Promotions
  • Property Directory
  • Display Property or Conference Events
  • Display Weather Forecast
  • Display Guest Loyalty
  • Guest Self Check-in/out
  • Email Notification of Voicemail with Audio File Attachment
  • Backlit Room Numbers
  • Privacy On/Off Indicator
  • Make-Up Room Indicator
  • Door Bell
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Latitude All-in-one and partners

Latitude allows you to connect with your guest before, during and after their stay.
We integrate to all third-party applications that have an open API. We strive to connect our clients' systems to offer a seamless experience.