The latest advancement in mobile applications for the hospitality industry.

When does the guest experience begin?

Start your guest experience before their arrival. With your custom mobile application, guests can view and book amenities before their stay - request additional amenities during their stay - and even complete surveys and submit comments after they have checked out. Give your guest and yourself the ultimate guest interaction tool.
Available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.
Enterprise feature will allow multiple properties in one application.
Content Management System allows for instant application updates and sending push notifications.
Fully customizable from the ground up allowing you to create the best application tailored for your guests.
Google Analytics Integration allowing you to track most and least utilized pages allowing you to evolve your application over time.
Allow guests to connect to your staff directly with Make-A-Request.

Latitude Features

  • iOS & Android Platforms
  • Portrait and/or Landscape Orientation
  • Multi-property Capable
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Display Guest Loyalty
  • Display and Update Activities and Area Attractions
  • Geo-fencing
  • Integrate Partner API’s
  • Make-A-Request
  • Chat Feature
  • Multi-Language
  • Survey and Comment Option
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Latitude All-in-one and partners

Marry your Telephony and Mobility with Latitude All-In-One device.
We integrate to all third-party applications that have an open API. We strive to connect our clients' systems to offer a seamless experience.