An enhanced one-click touch add-on for Frequency PBX that enables call management efficiencies, increasing systematic operations.

View all phone activity

Operators can easily see who is available, transfer calls, pick up calls, and quickly find the right contact no matter how many extensions. Listen or whisper on a call to help support your staff during training. See which calls are in the queue, and see the availability status of each call agent.
View calls on hold and telephony traffic.
Listen in or whisper on active calls for training purposes.
Increase call efficiencies and response times with Caller ID and Timers.
Parked call pickup allows operators and assistants to aid during high volume times.
Record phone calls for training and quality assurance.
Visual phonebook keeps all property contacts organized and allows for one-click touch transfers.

Frequency Operator Features

  • Transfer
  • Record calls
  • Listen & Whisper
  • Manage/listen
    to voicemail
  • Visual Phonebook
  • Caller ID & Timer
  • Call history
  • View held calls & presence information
  • Mute/Unmute member
  • Invite external numbers
  • Pickup parked calls
  • Privacy option
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