our partners

At Percipia, we pride ourselves on working with many companies; providing our clients cutting-edge technology that fits with your property’s technical landscape. We are tested and approved by Avaya, Cisco, and NEC. Whether linking your telephony system to the front desk or integrating with third-party companies, our products work seamlessly and we provide the support you need.

Telephony Partners

Our products integrate and provide an enhanced hospitality solution for our Telephony Partners. Parallax, Precision VM, Informant CAS and Latitude work with these partners.

Property Management System Partners

A property’s information exchange is only as good as the integration into the property management system (PMS). Parallax allows direct integration to your PMS to pull guest information and allows your staff to identify and service your guests quickly.

Manufacturing Partners

Percipia strives to offer our clients the best hospitality and administrative devices the industry has to offer. No matter if it’s the best handsets to work with Frequency PBX all the way to Android-based devices to work with Latitude mobile application.

Enhanced Guestroom Partners

In order to build a useful mobile and AI voice application, our clients must consider the services and amenities they offer. Showcase all of your property amenities on one beautifully displayed Latitude mobile application or offer it via voice with the VIVA application.