Percipia Introduces New Frequency PBX Softphone Client Frequency Connect
Chicago, IL June 19, 2018 - Percipia, a leading provider of hospitality focused telephony solutions, introduces a new softphone product Frequency Connect. Frequency Connect utilizes Mac, PC, Android and iOS operating systems to bring Frequency PBX telephony solution anywhere in the world. Companies can offer remote employees the same telephony experience as if they were in physical offices.

Frequency Connect allows users to dial an internal extension, transfer calls to other extensions, create conference bridges, and view call history made from all devices. Frequency Connect enables administrative extensions to be utilized away from physical office handsets.

"Frequency Connect is yet another example of Percipia’s ability to provide innovative solutions that are purposely-built for hospitality. Our new user-friendly solution provides seamless mobile connectivity to the property’s back-of-house for our current and future clients," says Speleos Dravillas, Percipia’s Vice President of Global Sales.

"We pride ourselves on the ability to listens to our client's needs and deliver new solutions like this in a matter of months as opposed to year(s).”

Frequency Connect is an add-on to Percipia’s Frequency PBX phone system. With Percipia’s industry-leading hospitality interface gateway, Parallax, built into Frequency PBX, guest information like Caller ID and VIP status are displayed on Frequency Connect applications. The New Frequency Connect is available now for new and current Frequency PBX clients

Percipia Announces Frequency PBX and Parallax Integration With Microsoft Skype for Business and Skype Connect
Chicago, IL June 18, 2018 - Percipia, a leader in hospitality telephony and mobility solutions, launches their newest integration to Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Skype Connect™. Skype for Business is a leading voice and messaging unified communication platform connecting multi-properties spanning the world whereas Skype Connect™ enables companies the ability to place low-cost calls. Percipia’s products will bring Skype for Business and Skype Connect™ into the hospitality industry. Our Frequency PBX seamlessly integrates guest calls to the back-of-house running Skype for Business, while Percipia’s Parallax hospitality gateway interfaces to the PMS providing hospitality centric features to the Microsoft products.

Percipia’s Frequency PBX is a hospitality-centric telephony system that works on-premise and in a hosted environment. Percipia’s telephony system uses nonproprietary hardware, allowing clients to choose the best equipment for their brand. Frequency PBX is well-known in the hospitality industry. Integrating with the two Skype products gives the hospitality industry more options when selecting a telephony platform.

“I have always believed that telephony solutions should not be a major expense for the hospitality industry. My team and I strive to offer cost-effective telephony options, and now with integration to Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Skype Connect, we can offer our industry another solution.” Michael Velasquez – CEO

Percipia’s Parallax software provides hospitality features like Caller ID, Wake-Up Calls, and Do-Not-Disturb to well-known telephony companies like Percipia, Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and now Microsoft. Percipia integrates these systems with virtually all property management systems providers. Cisco has utilized Parallax since 2002.

Skype for Business and Skype Connect™ integration are available now for new and existing Percipia clients.

Percipia Early Adaptor of HTNG’s API Registry
Chicago, IL March 15, 2018 - Percipia, a provider of telephony solutions, software, and services to the hospitality industry, said it is proud to support and participate in the HTNG API Registry. Percipia is committed to working with hotels and other hotel technology partners to provide seamless integration and creative solutions that help each hotel property have the ability to customize their solutions.

HTNG’s API registry is the first component in a series of planned API-related projects. Each allows advanced communication and integration between products to create value in ways not currently possible.

"The API Registry will allow for HTNG-participating technology partners to collaborate more easily, and identify which companies are developing what specific new and exciting technologies that can easily be integrated with each other,” said Patrick Dunphrey, HTNG’s CIO.

According to Percipia, the API registry allows for seamless integration and effective collaboration between technology companies. In the past, this has been a reactive process initiated by a single project which would add complexity and time before deployment. However, due to the collaboration among committee members and Percipia’s commitment to making integration between various hospitality technology providers more seamless and dynamic, hotels and their technology vendors will be now be able to create a more memorable experience for the guest.

Percipia currently has three solutions listed on their API Registry page which can be found here.

  • Percipia’s Frequency PBX, is an affordable, customizable and full-featured IP phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.
  • Percipia’s Latitude, is a mobile and in-room application featuring extensive integration and customization. Percipia’s Latitude works with Avaya, Cisco and NEC on a SIP-based Android device.
  • Percipia’s Informant CAS, is a user-friendly call accounting which seamlessly integrates with the property management system and offers analytical call-reporting features.

About Percipia

At Percipia, our mission is to continue to be a respected leader in hospitality technology by delivering telephony solutions, software, and services in the most innovative and cost-effective way. Nearly 20 years ago, we introduced our Parallax application (formerly PTCE) which enabled us to interface your existing telephony system with nearly all property management systems and third-party applications. Since then we have evolved our products offering to include a full-featured hospitality telephone system and custom mobile applications which enhances the guest experience and streamlines operations.

At Percipia, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable and exceptional service to our partners, clients, and guests. We work diligently to build next generation innovative solutions based on our hands-on knowledge of the industry and client feedback. As a result, we have become a trusted and respected organization who always leads with hospitality.

About Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG)

The premier technology solutions association in the hospitality industry, HTNG is a self-funded, nonprofit organization with members from hospitality companies, technology vendors to hospitality, consultants, media and academic experts. HTNG's members participate in focused workgroups to bring to market open solution sets addressing specific business problems. HTNG fosters the selection and adoption of existing open standards and also develops new open standards to meet the needs of the global hospitality industry.

Currently more than 400 corporate and individual members from across this spectrum, including world leading hospitality companies and technology vendors, are active HTNG participants. HTNG's Board of Governors, consisting of 21 top IT leaders from hospitality companies around the world, itself has technology responsibility for over 2.5 million guest rooms and world-leading venues. HTNG publishes workgroup proceedings, drafts and specifications for all HTNG members as soon as they are created, encouraging rapid and broad adoption. HTNG releases specifications into the public domain as soon as they are ratified by the workgroups. For more information, visit

Former Head of Mitel Americas Hospitality Sales Joins Percipia Hospitality Solutions as New Global VP of Sales
Chicago, IL November 7, 2017 - Percipia, a globally recognized technology leader in the hospitality industry, has named Speleos Dravillas as its Vice President of Global Sales. Speleos, a veteran of the Unified Communications Solutions space, brings his expertise to Percipia as they continue their aggressive growth plans globally. Percipia offers custom solutions to improve both the guest experience and back-office Unified Communications needs.

Previously, Speleos oversaw Mitel’s Connected Guests Hospitality Sales for the Americas and held previous Sales Leadership roles with Mitel for eleven years. Before that, Speleos, or “Spe,” was Chief Business Development Officer and VP of Sales for BTI Communications Group, a Unified Communications solution provider in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.

“I am thrilled to join Percipia with their state-of-the-art guest experience technology. Their services are used widely throughout some of the most luxurious hotels ranging from bring-your-own-device to in-room multimedia devices. Percipia’s level of customization allows hotel properties to have its brand fully represented, which improves the overall guest experience and ultimately drives improved ADR and RevPAR.”

Percipia’s CEO, Michael Velasquez, adds, “Speleos’s skills and experience will definitely advance Percipia’s current expansion both domestically and abroad. He will truly showcase how Percipia’s state-of-the-art-technology offers custom solutions to best serve each of our client’s needs. His experience in Managed Cloud Service offerings—both through direct and indirect distribution—will be a vital contribution as we continue our uninterrupted yearly growth.”

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry. Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience. For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at

Percipia Adds Operator Solution to Frequency PBX
Chicago, IL June 27, 2017 - Percipia, the U.S. based leader in hospitality telephony integration, has announced a new major addition to their Frequency PBX system, Frequency Operator. Frequency Operator will allow a visual display of telephony activity for receptionists, call centers, and supervisors. The web-based software allows for interactive phone controls and a real-time overview of admin extension status.

As software developers, we are always looking forward to updating and enhancing our products, said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. Our new PBX Operator solution is a highly desired addition that many clients will appreciate and utilize. Being able to manage calls from a computer will make property response time more efficient and make your guests happier.

The Operator solution will enhance the operator's experience with seamless voice transfers. Whether clients have one or multiple properties, Frequency Operator can manage all incoming calls across multiple Frequency PBX systems. Frequency Operator is available on the latest release of Frequency PBX.

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry. Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience. For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at

Percipia Selected for Membership in Avaya DevConnect Program
Chicago, IL June 26, 2017 - Percipia, a leader in hospitality telephony solutions, today announced it has been selected by Avaya for membership as a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program. Avaya is a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services. Avaya solutions enable customer and team engagement across multiple channels and devices for better customer experience, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance.

Percipia is the developer of Parallax hospitality suite, Precision voice mail and Informant call accounting software, an application family that integrates Avaya IP Office and property management systems (PMS) to help create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests and staff. As a DevConnect Technology Partner, Percipia expects to deliver proven interoperability of their solutions with the Avaya IP Office Platform, so companies can provide their guests with check-in, check-out, wake-up calls, housekeeping updates, and many other hospitality functionalities. When coupled with call accounting software, hotel staff have access to a powerful analytical call data and report solution that can help them provide better customer service.

The Avaya DevConnect program promotes the development, compliance-testing and co-marketing of innovative third-party solutions that are compatible with standards-based Avaya solutions. Member organizations have expertise in a broad range of capabilities ? spanning collaboration, management, analytics, reporting and communications-enabled business process applications ? helping joint customers extend the value of their collaboration and contact center investments and accelerate the speed at which their organization delivers true value to the bottom line.

I am excited that Percipia has joined the Avaya DevConnect program as a Technology Partner, said Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia. Our hospitality software will help Avaya IP Office customers streamline their hospitality operations while enhancing the guest experience.

The Avaya DevConnect program currently includes thousands of software and hardware developer companies, integrators, service providers and customers. Members have created a broad array of innovative solutions tested for Avaya compliance, including natural language speech recognition applications, mobile and emergency notification services, specialized computer telephony integration and reporting capabilities, and applications tailored for specific vertical industries.

Through the DevConnect program, Avaya provides companies with a wide range of technical education, access and support for many Avaya platforms and interfaces, often at no cost to Registered members.?Technology Partners receive additional benefits in terms of in-depth, joint compliance testing activities and co-marketing support, based on their alignment with Avaya strategy and value offered to Avaya customers. DevConnect Technology Partners like Percipia must meet rigorous criteria for customer satisfaction, product support, business operations, marketing and sales.

Technology Partners like Percipia help Avaya customers maximize their investments in hospitality communication solutions, said Eric Rossman, vice president, Developer Relations, Avaya. We are pleased to have Percipia join our developer community.

Membership information and a listing of solutions developed and tested under the DevConnect program are available at

About Avaya

Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world's most important operations. As the global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications with integrated, secure networking? offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today's digital world requires some form of communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya. For more information, please visit

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry. Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience. For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at

Percipia Selects New Global Director of Sales
Chicago, IL June 21, 2016 - Percipia announced that Cody Martin has joined the company to further expand their client base. Cody Martin comes with an abundance of knowledge, having spent the last 15 years in the hospitality technology industry. In his new role as Global Director of Sales, he will oversee domestic and international product sales to better optimize guest and property experience.

Martin will be responsible for introducing Percipia products to the growing industry. He will consult with each property's administration to illustrate how Percipia's products fit their needs. "Each property is unique and not all products fit the needs of the hotel guest and staff. I will tailor each product to better suit the property's challenges," said Martin. He has experience with hospitality mobility, back of house automation, PBX-PMS integration, voicemail and call accounting.

"Coming to Percipia with their extensive portfolio of products will be a great opportunity for me, being that Percipia has a global presence in the market, my experience and knowledge makes it a perfect fit with Percipia. It's nice to join a company that is ahead of times instead of behind the times," said Martin.

"We are extremely thrilled to have Cody join our growing team," said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. "His proven sales record and ability to build relationships within our industry is what will help Percipia expand its global presence. As we introduce more solutions, Cody is the right person to introduce and promote our brand."

Martin has earned a business degree from Baylor University and a MBA at Southern Methodist University. He has been awarded Top 40 under 40 and he has also opened award winning Governor's Hill Bed and Breakfast in Weatherford, TX.

Wind Creek Casino Montgomery Selects Percipia for Guest Room Technology Deployment
Montgomery, AL February 2, 2016 - Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Montgomery, the 65,000 square foot casino selected technology by Percipia for its recently opened 125 guest room hotel property. Wind Creek Montgomery installed Percipia's Parallax software for their PBX/PMS integration, Precision voice mail for guest room voice mail and Informant call accounting software. "Being a part of the brand new hotel at Wind Creek Montgomery is a great opportunity for Percipia," said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. "Showcasing our solutions at this sought after gaming destination is something we are very proud of."

Wind Creek Montgomery is now the third hotel and casino property within the Wind Creek portfolio; Wind Creek Atmore and Wind Creek Wetumpka house an additional 474 collective guest rooms. Wind Creek Montgomery also boasts a blues club, three eateries, spa and barbershop and offers 2,200 games on the expansive casino floor. Wind Creek Montgomery General Manager, Jake Carlton says, "The customized technology solutions provided to us by Percipia will enable us to better serve our guests. We are always looking for better ways to provide the top notch service our clients deserve and we have found an outstanding partner in Percipia."

Choctaw Casinos Selects Percipia for Multi-Property Guest Room Technology Replacement
Durant, OK November 3, 2015 - Choctaw Casinos, the premier gaming and entertainment destination in Southeastern Oklahoma selected technology integration solutions by Percipia to replace their existing Nevotek guest room software across three properties, Choctaw Casino Resort - Grant, Choctaw Casino Hotel - Pocola and Choctaw Casino Resort - Durant. Percipia installed their Parallax software and Precision voice mail across the three property's 978 guest rooms. "Working with Percipia was incredibly easy. Their team was efficient, reliable and wonderful to collaborate with. Having 24/7/365 access to a live support team based in Chicago has already made all the difference," said Michael Essig, Senior Director of Corporate IT.

Choctaw Casinos currently boasts an impressive 18 locations within Southeastern Oklahoma. "Our team has really enjoyed working with Choctaw Casinos. The installation of our guest room solutions will be an asset to their growing organization," Kevin Yarnell, Global Director of Sales. Percipia recently launched their S.T.A.R. (service tracking and response) workflow automation software and plan to showcase it at this year's TribalNet Conference in Austin, Texas, November 2nd through November 5th, 2015 in booth number 5. To learn more about this and other products or to set up a meeting during TribalNet please email

Percipia Announces Release of New Call Accounting Software for Hospitality Industry
Chicago, IL June 16, 2015 - Percipia, the technology solutions provider headquartered in downtown Chicago, Illinois releases Informant CAS, call accounting software for the hospitality industry. The software was developed to work specifically within the hospitality technology marketplace and seamlessly integrates with all leading PBX manufacturers."

"Informant CAS was released due to the overwhelming interest from our customers," said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. "We pride ourselves as being a customer focused Software Company and are always looking for ways to respond to our customers' needs. Adding Informant CAS to our suite of applications not only helps our customers be more proficient and economical with their day-to-day operations but also saves them time by allowing Percipia to be their one-stop-shop for all guest room telephony related needs."

Percipia will begin selling and deploying their new call accounting software beginning June 2015 and will showcase this and other products at this year's HITEC at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, June 15 - 18, 2015 in booth #2200. To set up a meeting at HITEC or for more information please email or call 800.806.0408 extension 103.

Pinehurst Elects Software by Percipia for Guest Room Technology Integration
Pinehurst, NC May 5, 2015 - Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, the world renowned award-winning resort selected technology solutions by Percipia to replace their existing integration software for their 474-room multi-accommodation property. The property's three historic hotels, The Carolina Hotel, The Holly Inn and The Manor Inn as well as The Villas at Pinehurst recently installed Percipia's Parallax software with customized applications as well as their Precision voice mail product. "Pinehurst has an exceptional track record as being a highly sought after destination for both tourists and golf enthusiasts. We were elated to be given the opportunity to work with such an iconic property," said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia.

Pinehurst, founded in 1895, is also home to nine world-class golf courses, award winning spa, 200-acre lake and hosted last year's U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open Championships. "Pinehurst is pleased to be working with Percipia and has found their support and responsiveness to be among the best of our vendors and by far best in their comp set. Michael is a class act among CEO's who makes the customer feel as though everyone's needs are important and develops personal relationships with Corporate Leaders and Senior Management that extends far beyond just installing software," said Ed Nickelson, Director of Information Technology, Pinehurst Resort and Country Club.

The Water Club at Borgata Selects Percipia for Guest Room Phone Integration Solution
Atlantic City, NJ April 28, 2015 - The Water Club at Borgata has selected solutions by Percipia for their 800 lavish guest rooms and suites. The 43-story, $400 million boutique-lifestyle hotel elected to install Percipia's Frequency PBX, Precision voice mail and Parallax hospitality suite. "Borgata has been a valued customer of Percipia's for several years," said Michael Velasquez, CEO for Percipia. "Borgata's team is always coming up with new ways to improve their guest satisfaction and the deployment of our solutions at The Water Club is essential to enhancing the guest experience."

The property, situated in Atlantic City's Marina District, was completed as part of the Borgata's $600 million master plan development and features 18,000 square feet of event space, luxury retail outlets and a luxurious two-story spa. "We are pleased to partner with Percipia to implement their new guest room phone integration solution," said Borgata Vice President of Information Technology, John Forelli. "It is very important that we offer our customers the best product possible and utilizing this great resource from a valued company such as Percipia does just that."

Percipia and Croc's Casino Resort to Set New Standard in Guest Service within Costa Rica
Jaco, Costa Rica November 4, 2014 - Croc's Casino Resort has selected technology integration solutions by Percipia for their guest room and mobile application needs. The 17 story property which features 152 guest rooms and 44 luxury residences will deploy Percipia's Parallax software complete with colored touch screen application, Precision voice mail product and customized Latitude mobile application (available soon on both iOS and Android platforms). Kevin Yarnell, global director of sales for Percipia, stated, "The Croc's team comes with an immense amount of experience and talent. Their emphasis on top-notch customer service coupled with our technology will provide guests with an experience unrivaled in Costa Rica. Utilizing our Parallax software and Latitude mobile application, guests will have access to property information prior to their arrival, while they are on property, and when they plan their return trip."

Located on the beautiful beachfront, Croc's Casino Resort eludes a sense of casual sophistication and offers guests a bit of everything including a full Las Vegas style casino, fitness center, luxury spa, three restaurants, retail stores, dance club, and beachfront bars. "From the onset of this project one of our goals has been to provide the best service to our guests by using the latest technology," said Rory Hascall, CEO for Croc's Casino Resort. "Percipia's solutions will do just that - from making the ultimate relaxation appointment at the spa, to purchasing items from the gift shop, guests will have access to Croc's world class service through the touch of a button. We are very proud to welcome Percipia to our team and look forward to our collaboration."

Cetis Inc. and Percipia Announce Global Telephony Partnership
Colorado Springs, CO October 8, 2014 - Cetis Inc., manufacturer of Teledex®, TeleMatrix® and Scitec® brand analog and VoIP hotel telephones, has announced a global telephony partnership with Percipia, a hospitality solutions provider headquartered in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia states, "Our dedication to providing the most innovative and cost effective telephony solutions has helped establish us as a leader in hospitality technology. Combining our solutions with the quality products and services that Cetis offers will further our role within the global hospitality industry."

"This is a win-win partnership for Cetis and Percipia," states John Grubb, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Cetis Inc. "Percipia customers may now leverage the full range of Percipia solutions and specify Teledex, TeleMatrix, and Scitec brand endpoint solutions by Cetis. Together, Cetis and Percipia have over 60 years of cumulative hotel industry experience, which allows this partnership to utilize an immense amount of knowledge and ultimately better serve the needs of the hospitality technology marketplace."

For product, pricing details or the name of a Cetis or Percipia sales representative near you, contact Cetis via phone at 719.638.8821 or email; contact Percipia via phone at 800.806.0408 ext 110 or email

Chicago Based Hospitality Technology Firm Leases New Headquarters in Hotel Zone
Chicago, IL August 21, 2014 - /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Percipia, a leading technology provider serving the hospitality industry has entered into a new headquarters lease at Michigan Plaza. Michigan Plaza, situated between Chicago's Millenium Park and Magnificent Mile, is ideally situated in the heart of Chicago's hotel and tourist district.

This full service, Class A complex, is connected to a five million square foot Illinois Center office complex, three hotels with over 3,500 rooms and the East Loop Pedway. It houses a mix of technology, advertising/public relations, architecture and design firms as well as many others in various industries.

Percipia has grown from a modest number of people in 2010 to a current projected headcount of approximately twenty five with additional offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Chennai, India. Percipia's new office space is approximately 4,000 square feet in size, offers views of both Millenium Park and Michigan Avenue, and was strategically arranged in a portion of the building that offers flexibility for its continued growth.

Percipia was represented in the transaction by The J. Rich Company, LLC ("JRICH") while MB Real Estate represented the landlord.

"Being in the hospitality industry, we know what it takes to provide the highest level of attention to our clientele. It was very important to be located in a place that offered immediate access to our clients." - Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia. Mr. Velasquez went on to say, "We engaged The J. JRICH Company again as our trusted real estate advisor to help identify the optimal location and space, because JRICH also understands what it means to provide non-stop service to the client."

Rich Schulz, the co-founder and President of JRICH, stated "Michigan Plaza prevailed among all other alternatives because it offered a strong economic package, expansion capability, and a vibrant location in the heart of the hospitality and tourism district."

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Selects Percipia for Brand New Guest Room Phone Integration Solution
Farmington, PA July 15, 2014 - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, nestled in the scenic Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, selected technology integration solutions by Percipia for their guest room telephony needs. The 318-room plan features Percipia's Parallax Software complete with colored touch screen application and Precision Voice Mail product. Kevin Yarnell, global director of sales for Percipia, stated "We are incredibly pleased to partner with the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for their in-room telephone solution. Providing guests with the ability to customize their stay with the multitude of activities offered at this resort was an exciting challenge. Our solution not only delivers a way for guests to enhance their experience but also allows the property to expand marketing efforts into each guest room and enables the staff to be more efficient with guest requests. Using the in-room touch screen phones guests can get their answers quickly and get back to enjoying their one of a kind experience."

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort features six distinct lodging options, including townhomes and private luxury homes. The Hardy family's journey began in 1987 with the purchase of the Nemacolin property. Their vision was to create a world-class resort unlike any other; to create a getaway designed for couples, families and corporate gatherings- a "something for everyone" destination. "Customer service has always been and remains our number one focus. In this industry, connection and personalization are a huge factor in guest satisfaction. As part of Nemacolin's $30 million resort wide renovation project for 2014, we are excited to partner with Percipia to implement this state-of-the-art, in-room phone technology," said Ashli Mazer, director of marketing and pr for Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions Selects Percipia for Guest Mobile Application Project
Wisconsin Dells, WI June 24, 2014 - Kalahari Resorts and Conventions, the authentically African-themed resorts in Wisconsin, Ohio, and soon to be opened in Pennsylvania, selected Percipia for the development and deployment of the customized mobile application across all properties. Home to America's largest waterparks, Kalahari wanted to extend the "world-away" waterpark resort and conference experience to guests' personal devices. Making the most of their stay with the concierge section, including interactive maps, special direct requests, and wake up calls. Navigate the way through the amazing wet and dry parks with "The Fun" showcasing rides and slides for any age. Share the memories with friends using the one of a kind Memory Maker feature found within the app. Plus, with amenities such as Spa Kalahari and Salon, Kamp Kalahari, and exceptional dining options all under one roof and detailed within the app. Kalahari Resorts and Conventions and Percipia created an app to deliver a beyond expectations getaway.

Percipia's newly launched Latitude mobile application product was selected to create native mobile applications for Smart Phones as well as Tablet applications in both iOS and Android platforms.

Kevin Yarnell, global director of sales for Percipia states, "Percipia was pleased to be selected for this game changing project. Through our collaboration with the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions team, we feel the final product launched an app that will allow guests to plan their visit based on their own personal preferences. Utilizing features such as the events calendar and meeting planning details pages, the app can cater to both the leisure and business traveler."

"We pride ourselves on being digital pioneers in the hospitality industry, and are always striving for ways to provide helpful and modern amenities to our guests" said Kassie Rizzo, digital media manager for Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. "This app will follow suite in our belief to deliver a beyond expectations experience and allow our guests to customize their stay and discover everything Kalahari has to offer."

Percipia Selects RPM Advertising as Agency of Record
May 9, 2014 - RPM Advertising has announced that hospitality technology company Percipia names RPM Advertising its agency of record. RPM Advertising will be working with Percipia on marketing and brand positioning through print, video, digital, collateral and point of sale materials.

Percipia, headquartered in downtown Chicago, Illinois on the prestigious Michigan Avenue, is the premier provider of voice applications for Cisco in the hotel industry, with the most worldwide installations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Percipia also offers voice/data solutions, high-speed internet access, wireless, networks, technology procurement, professional services, and much more to serve the needs of the global hospitality market. In a growing competitive field, Percipia remains one of the largest and best-known U.S.-based hospitality technology companies.

"Rebranding and marketing are our major focuses for this year. Working alongside a local and highly reputable company such as RPM is something we are incredibly excited about,” said Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia. “Their experience within the hospitality industry made them a natural fit for us. We expect our partnership to not only create innovative and unique branding initiatives but also take Percipia to the next level," he added.

“I was thrilled to hear that Percipia chose RPM,” said Mark Malin, President of RPM Advertising. “RPM Advertising has many years of experience in the hospitality field and we couldn’t be more excited about helping Percipia define their brand and market their high-tech custom business solutions. They are doing some amazing things with smart phone technology that are really going to impact the hotel guest experience. It is a very exciting time for Percipia, and we are glad to be on board with them.”

Velasquez is enthusiastic about RPM’s first recommendation: to change the company’s name from Percipia Networks to, more simply, Percipia. This change has been incorporated into the new Percipia logo. The remainder of the branding will launch in late spring at HITEC.

Percipia taps RPM Advertising Chicago as marketing partner
May 9, 2014 - Percipia, a Chicago-based global hospitality technology company, has named RPM Advertising Chicago its new ad agency of record. RPM will work with Percipia on marketing and brand positioning via print, video, digital and point of sale materials.

RPM is coming on board as Percipia starts a major rebranding initiative. The hospitality technology company recently changed its name from Percipia Networks to simply Percipia and introduced a new logo that reflects the change.

Noted Percipia CEO Michael Velasquez: "Rebranding and marketing are our major focuses for this year. Their (RPM) experience within the hospitality industry made them a natural fit for us."

Added RPM Advertising President Mark Malin: "They (Percipia) are doing some amazing things with smart phone technology that are really going to impact the hotel guest experience. It is a very exciting time for Percipia, and we are glad to be on board with them."

More details about Percipia's rebranding and marketing efforts will be unveiled at the 2014 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition in Los Angeles in late June.

RPM has established an expertise in the realm of casino-related and hotel advertising and marketing. Among its clients are Hollywood Casinos, Horseshoe Casinos, Harrah's Entertainment and Wyndham Worldwide.

Chumash Casino Resort Selects Percipia Networks for Multi-property Installation
Santa Ynez, CA January 28, 2014 - Chumash Casino Resort, the AAA Four Diamond-rated property owned by the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, selected guest room technology integration solutions by Percipia Networks. The expansive 190,000-square-foot resort, home to the area's largest full service spa chose Percipia's Parallax and voice mail integration software in their newly renovated guest rooms and luxury suites. "We were satisfied with both the implementation of the software and the level of attentiveness by Percipia Networks' representatives while they upgraded our technology," said Chumash Casino Resort General Manager Bill Peters. "Our own IT professionals at Chumash Casino Resort say that Percipia Networks 'bent over backward' for us."

In addition to the resort's 106 guest rooms and 17 luxury suites, Percipia Networks was also selected for the sister property Hotel Corque's 122 guest rooms. The ultra luxury boutique located in Solvang, California deployed Parallax and Precision voice mail software by Percipia Networks earlier this month. "I am elated that Percipia was chosen for Chumash Casino and their upscale Hotel Corque property," states Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks. "We pride ourselves in having software solutions specific to the need of each property. This multi-property software configuration is scalable and I am certain it will grow along with their business."

The Village at Squaw Valley Selects Percipia Networks for New Installation
September 24, 2013 September 24, 2013 - Having recently completing a $2.7 million renovation, The Village at Squaw Valley continues to enhance its luxury mountain property with the new installation of telephony software by Percipia Networks. The popular mountain destination deployed Percipia Networks' Parallax software with XML applications, providing unique IP phone applications for their impressive 300 condominium suites.

"The installation of Percipia software has greatly enhanced our guest experience by allowing our front desk to quickly and easily set reliable wake up calls for our guests and by enabling our housekeeping department to instantly update the guest room status' from the phones within the room. Before installing Percipia's products, wake up calls had to be done manually and our housekeeping staff had to wait until they got to a computer to update room information, both of which left a great margin for error. Percipia has greatly increased our efficiency and functionality and we highly recommend their products to any resort." - Michelle Smith, Front Desk Manager

Squaw Valley also elected to install Percipia's Precision Voice mail product specifically designed for the hospitality industry. The installation required seamless integration to the property's Par Springer Miller property management system (PMS) as well as Cisco Unified Communication Manager PBX and was completed in July 2013.

"Being chosen to install our products at such a reputable and impressive property has been a wonderful accomplishment for us," said Michael Velasquez, CEO for Percipia Networks. "Percipia Networks has truly enjoyed our collaboration thus far and would love to continue to work with Squaw Valley."

Thunder Valley Resort Casino Selects Percipia Networks for Guest Room Phone Integration Solution
Lincoln, CA June 18, 2013 - Thunder Valley Casino Resort, the AAA four diamond property has selected technology integration solutions by Percipia Networks. The 300-room property is owned by the United Auburn Indian Community and features a 250,000 square foot casino, elected to deploy Percipia's Parallax Software and Precision Voice Mail product. Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, "I speak for our entire organization in saying that I am thrilled to be able to work with Thunder Valley. Working on such an expansive property and one in which is well known within the tribal gaming industry has been a wonderful experience."

The installation features a group directory customized application. "Enhanced in-room guest experience and team member efficiency are key strategic topics covering the hotel landscape," said Kevin Yarnell, Global Director of Sales, Percipia Networks. "Our Parallax solution and custom touch screen applications not only allows guests at Thunder Valley to have access to their every need at their fingertips, leading to a higher quality overall stay, but also drives revenue to Thunder Valley's restaurant outlets. And with the work flow integration tools team members are able to accomplish more in a shorter time span, creating higher efficiency."

"We are extremely pleased with the products and services provided by Percipia," said Dawn Clayton, General Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort. "Percipia's technology options for both our team members and guests are a critical part of the AAA four-diamond experience offered at Thunder Valley Casino Resort."

Percipia Networks will be show casing their software solutions including the launch of their customized, hospitality focused mobile application, LATITUDE, at this year's Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 24th - 27th.

Howard Hughes Corporation Selects Percipia Networks for Master Planned Community Mobile Application
Las Vegas, NV June 18, 2013 - The Howard Hughes Corporation, developer of the master-planned community of Summerlin that spans 22,500 acres along the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley, selected Percipia Networks for the development and deployment of the community's customized mobile application. One of the nation's largest master-planned communities that led the country in home sales for more than a decade, Summerlin currently offers more than 60 styles of new homes for sale in the community. The mobile app allows both Realtors and potential homebuyers to search available new homes using a variety of search terms and criteria. Summerlin is the first master-planned community in Las Vegas to launch a home finding mobile app.

Percipia Networks' newly launched Latitude mobile application product was selected to create native mobile applications for Smart Phones as well as Tablet applications in both iOS and Android platforms.

Kevin Yarnell, global director of sales for Percipia Networks states, "Percipia Networks was pleased to be selected for this game changing project. Through the collaboration with The Howard Hughes Corporation and the Summerlin team, we feel the final product launched an app that will change the way home buyers and Realtors search for new homes in Las Vegas."

Users are able to sort by neighborhoods, amenities, floor plans, and price and can utilize a map feature with driving directions to sales center locations or direct connect via email or phone to the sales agents. The application also features video options providing Realtors with the ability to review more selling features of the neighborhood and builder and with property specific differentiators.

According to Danielle Bisterfeldt, director of marketing for Summerlin, more than 90 percent of all home searches begin online. "Today, people expect to get all the information they need at the press of a button wherever they happen to be. That's why we have made an investment in this technology to create an app this is truly smart."

A Better Guest Experience
April 1, 2013 - While a learning curve and generational gaps in the guest population may be a factor, the opportunities that these technological advances give industries are often untapped or underutilized. How can the hospitality industry take advantage of these new and existing resources? Let’s take a deeper look.

Get Social

It’s no surprise that social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are on every industry’s radar. With more than a billion users, if Facebook was a country, it would be third in population in the world (behind China and India). Clearly, the days when social media sites were being used mostly by college students are long gone. Social media outlets are now prominent resources for nearly all businesses and industry leaders.

And for the hospitality industry, social media is an especially important resource. In addition to being free, these outlets provide hotels with a new way of connecting and communicating with guests, as well as a way to increase guest satisfaction. Never before could a hotel property touch base with a guest and get real-time information through a simple click.

Aside from one-on-one communication, hotels are now able to see the trends in what people think about their recent stay. Forget those “how are we doing” comment cards that used to be in hotel lobbies across the world. Now hoteliers simply have to log in to the property’s Facebook page to see the good (and bad) that guests are experiencing.

These comments and social conversations also provide valuable insight on how your property can increase guest satisfaction, resulting in higher ROI in the long run. Hospitality businesses are finding ways to use social media to promote special deals, events, and services for their properties. In addition to increasing revenue and brand recognition, social media help your property stay connected with guests, supporting you in developing for a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Use What You Already Have : Their Eyes and Ears, Your Phone

Whether it’s a comfy bed or a customized in-room dining menu, guests are focused on one thing: the quality of their experience. The focus on quality, in turn, gives your hotel new opportunities for marketing and revenue growth. Guest room telephones provide properties with an opening for discrete marketing and onsite revenue generation. Is there a slow day in the spa? No problem. Use your IP phone to send out a 20-percent-off spa promotion to your guests. Are there still open reservations at your fine dining restaurant? It could be fully booked after your IT staff switched the welcome screen on your guest room phones to display a mouthwatering image of your restaurant’s award-winning filet mignon.

Aside from the promotional opportunities guest room phones provide, you can also use them to increase the guest’s perception that your property is technically advanced. The guest’s experience can be enhanced, for example, if they can use the in-room phone to automatically order their car from the valet and dim the room lights.

Catch The Wave

With the social media becoming more pervasive every day, it’s no wonder that hoteliers have begun using these outlets within their properties. Taking advantage of social media and guest room phones to promote amenities and connect with guests not only allows hotels to increase revenue, but is bound to be the wave of the future within the hotel industry.

Katherine Lang is the Director of Business Development for Percipia Networks

Katherine Lang is the director of business development for Percipia Networks. Globally recognized as a leading provider of innovative applications to the hospitality industry, Percipia Networks has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including messaging platforms, feature-rich voice applications, and IP telephony. Percipia is well known for their Parallax application, which offers unique IP phone applications for guest rooms, including room service, group directories, and more, for vendors like Cisco and NEC. Percipia Networks also offers a wide range of technology solutions and applications. For more information, visit:

It's The Wit Calling…
Chicago, IL February 15, 2013 - Imagine your design work featured in every luxury guest room at theWit Hotel, one of the top five trendiest hotels in the country (TripAdvisor, 2012). theWit is calling out to the most talented graphic design students to illuminate the backgrounds of the hotel's high-tech phone systems for the chance to win an amazing hotel experience and wide-spread recognition.

Who better to transform the telephones in theWit Hotel's 310 stylish guest rooms and suites than up-and-coming Chicago artists? The students experimenting with the latest technology and inspiring art on a daily basis will add the perfect punch of energy to the hotel. The first place winner, selected by a panel of judges, will win an overnight stay in one of the luxury guest rooms at theWit Hotel Chicago, a $150 gift card valid at ROOF, Spa@theWit or State and Lake Chicago Tavern, as well as the opportunity to display his or her work to more than 100,000 visitors, corporations and media who stay with theWit each year. The runner-up will receive a $100 gift card valid at ROOF, Spa@theWit, and State and Lake Chicago Tavern.

AEI Communications and Percipia Networks Create a Premier Partnership within the Hospitality Market
Chicago, IL November 13, 2012 - AEI Communications, a worldwide telephony solutions designer and manufacturer, headquartered in Millbrae, California, has teamed with Percipia Networks, a hospitality technology solutions provider, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, creating a premier partnership focused on developing high-end software capable of running on various hardware products. Both companies share in an extensive hospitality background, which will be utilized to leverage relationships within the market as well as highly developed products not yet seen by the hotel industry. Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, "AEI has a strong history of providing superior products to the hospitality market. Our companies both pride ourselves on not only staying at the forefront of technology, but also applying this philosophy to the customer service we provide. I am elated about our partnership with AEI."

The first step as part of this integration partnership is the development of custom applications for AEI's new docking station, in which tablets operate as central components for in-room guest phones. Mario Jauregui, President of AEI Communications states: "Percipia Networks and AEI Communications are bringing back value to hotel room telephones by combining feature rich offerings in both hardware and software, with applications inexistent so far in the hospitality market, we are extremely excited to be partnering with Percipia Networks". Application development for Apple iOS and Android may also be a part of this alliance's pipeline.

Valley Forge Casino Resort to Host the 1st Annual Northeast Gaming Technology Roundtable
King of Prussia, PA September 4, 2012 - Valley Forge Casino Resort, the newly renovated 486-room property and casino, will host the First Annual Northeast Gaming Technology Roundtable. The event will host leaders from hotel and gaming properties and will allow them to hear from various leaders in the technology marketplace. Valley Forge is the first casino in Pennsylvania to open its doors with the new resort license and currently uses Cisco and Percipia Networks technology solutions. "For the first time property executives will be able to see and hear how they can personalize their guest experience while increasing revenue for their specific property," said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia Networks, "This intimate setting is extremely unique and we are excited to be a part of it."

The event will be held on September 13th beginning at 12:00 p.m. with the option of dinner and overnight accommodation. "Having the opportunity to offer accommodation and all details for individuals who work for hotel properties is somewhat unheard of. We are proud to be able to showcase our solutions while simultaneously hosting attendees," stated Kevin Yarnell, Global Director of Sales, Percipia Networks. The roundtable will be primarily sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. Craig Hissong, Account Manager for Cisco states, "We are excited to be sponsoring this event. The topic of conversation is timely and we expect there to be informative dialogue between our customers and our partners."

Rosen Hotels & Resorts Selects Percipia Networks for Additional Properties
Orlando, FL June 13, 2012 - Percipia Networks, a hospitality technology solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, recently announced the addition of two more Rosen Hotels & Resorts properties to its fast growing client portfolio. Rosen Hotels & Resorts, a collection of seven award-winning leisure and convention hotels owned by Harris Rosen, the state's largest independent hotelier, selected to deploy Percipia's Parallax Software with customized applications as well as their Precision Voice Mail product for both their 1334-room Rosen Centre and 800-room Rosen Plaza hotels. These expansive hotels along with the 1500-room AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek property, which currently utilizes Percipia's software, will result in a total of 3,634 guest rooms employing Percipia's solutions.

"Percipia Networks has provided a valuable resource that has enhanced the guest experience at Rosen Shingle Creek," said Jim Bina, Corporate Controller, Rosen Hotels & Resorts. "Our ultimate goal as a hospitality company is to meet and exceed guest expectations. To this end, it only makes sense to then provide the same Percipia services to the benefit of guests at our two additional convention properties."

Along with these impressive additions, Rosen has also committed to install Percipia's solutions at four more of their properties, totaling 2,703 guest rooms. Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, "I am incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to work even closer with Rosen Hotels & Resorts. Harris Rosen is highly respected as a leader in the hospitality industry and I am very pleased that they selected our products to be showcased within their properties."

Percipia Networks and Datanamics, Inc. Join Forces to Create Strategic Alliance Within the Hospitality Sector
Chicago, IL May 29, 2012 - Percipia Networks, a hospitality technology solutions provider, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, recently aligned with Datanamics, Inc., a leading information technology and education firm. Both companies will utilize their industry background in order to leverage their telephony and technical service offerings within the hospitality market. Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, "Datanamics has a history of excellence within the information technology sector. I am confident that their standard of quality installations and reputation for strong customer service will result in an extremely beneficial partnership for Percipia."

Datanamics, Inc. recently added the Percipia product line to their Technology Center that is located in the Las Vegas valley. Terry McGowan, CEO/President of Datanamics, Inc. stated, "We are excited about our partnership with Percipia Networks, together we can deliver the most efficient, and intelligent guestroom telephony solution on the market."

Percipia Networks Adds Iconic Trump SoHo To Its Rapidly Growing North American Portfolio
New York City, NY November 9, 2011 - Percipia Networks, a hospitality technology solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, recently added another luxury property to its quickly expanding list of clientele. Trump SoHo, the lavish 46-story hotel property choose to move from its current phone solution and install Percipia's Parallax Software and Precision Voicemail product. "Percipia's suite of products gives our guests access to the features they want and allows us to be a more efficient and profitable organization," states Eric Brunnett, Director of IT for Trump SoHo.

Trump SoHo is not the only new addition to Percipia's list of customers. Katherine Lang, Director of Business Development states, "In the past year we have seen an incredible expansion in our customer base throughout North America. We have worked diligently to reestablish Percipia under our new ownership and it seems to be recognized within the industry." Amongst these new clients is the prestigious Amangiri Resort and Spa, located in Canyon Point, Utah. James Hunt, Guest Services & IT Manager for Amangiri states, " I am very pleased with not only the software from Percipia but the amazing customer and technical services provided. The software has improved profitability and is very user friendly, I am very pleased with my decision to install their software." Percipia Networks is also making headway in the gaming industry by recently adding IP Casino Resort Spa and Casino Royale to their client portfolio.

Percipia Networks Announces Las Vegas Office Opening and New Global Director of Sales
Las Vegas, NV September 27, 2011 - Percipia Networks, a hospitality technology solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, recently opened its Las Vegas office location. This marks the second office location for Percipia within North America; four offices in total. Daniel VanRyn, Vice President of Operations states, "Las Vegas is a huge player within the technology and hospitality industry. This office is vital to the growth of Percipia within the North American market."

Along with the opening of Percipia's new location comes a key component to Percipia's sales force. Earlier this month the company appointed Kevin Yarnell, an industry veteran, as their new Global Director of Sales. "Kevin's outstanding record within the hospitality arena and his solid sales relationships make him the perfect fit as Global Director of Sales," states Michael Velasquez; CEO. "Percipia is currently focusing on new developments and expansion into various markets and Kevin's caliber of knowledge and experience is essential to this process."

Percipia Networks Launches Frequency PBX To Offer Hoteliers More Cost Effective IP Phone System
Chicago, IL June 1, 2011 - Percipia Networks, a leading provider of technology solutions specializing in hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of their Frequency PBX system. Frequency, debuting June 1st, is an affordable Internet Protocol (IP) phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Percipia's Frequency solution offers flexibility to customers, allowing them to select specific and custom packages suitable for their specific property needs. Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia Networks states, "We are incredibly excited about Frequency. Percipia is constantly looking for ways to increase the productivity of hotel properties, and while the hotel market continues to increase, the ability for properties to select specific products necessary for their progression is somewhat limited. Frequency not only allows hoteliers to choose solutions based on their needs, but is also extremely cost effective, functional, and scalable on a variety of levels within the hospitality industry."

Percipia Networks Announces opening of New Chicago Headquarters and the purchase of the PARALLAX application from DOCOMO interTouch
Chicago, IL September 17, 2010 - Percipia Networks announced today the opening of the company's new global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and the purchase of the Parallax (formerly PTCE) hospitality software from DOCOMO interTouch, headquartered in Singapore.

With the purchase of the Percipia Networks and the Parallax product, the new owners, Parallax Investors, LLC headed up by Michael Velasquez and Daniel VanRyn, have redefined the company and created a new vision for Percipia Networks. With a significant expansion of the company's competitive product portfolio, Percipia offers to include voice/data connectivity solutions, high-speed internet access, Wi-Fi and wireless solutions, enterprise networks, commercial and hospitality televisions, call-accounting software, Cisco and NEC voice applications, technology procurement, consulting and design services and much more. Customers globally now have a much wider array of products to choose from. The company will continue to support current Parallax software customers and invest in the development of Parallax for vendors like Cisco, NEC and others. "Percipia is considered one of the most innovative information technology companies in the hospitality industry. The applications and system architecture was an excellent match for us. The acquisition of Percipia provides us with the ability to expand our customer base as well as increase business with existing clients", Michael Velasquez, Owner & CEO.

In 2002, Percipia Networks and Cisco Systems helped pave the way for the introduction of IP telephony in hospitality with the installation of the first converged network platform supporting voice at a resort in northern California. Percipia Networks eventually went on to become the premier provider of voice applications for Cisco in the hotel industry with the most worldwide installations of any company in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Percipia Parallax software provides full hospitality functionality for the Unified Communications Manager platform from Cisco Systems and also offers a comprehensive suite of applications for Cisco and NEC screen-based IP phones. The days when hotels realized significant revenues from long distance phone usage are long gone. Today, Parallax enables hoteliers to use the guestroom phone as a means to create new revenue streams through strategic marketing and promotion of hotel services like the spa, restaurants and in-room dining. A demo of the Parallax application is available at the company's website -

The core Percipia Networks' team consists of industry veterans and personnel that have supported the Parallax product since its launch in 2002. Recognized in the industry as a pioneer in the advancement of hotel technology, Percipia Networks has also teamed up with other leading technology companies, such as LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Phillips, Ruckus Wireless and Nomadix to offer a comprehensive set of solutions to its customers. The company has integrations with leading property management system vendors, including Agilysys, Par Springer-Miller and Micros. For a list of partners, please visit

Percipia Networks, under new leadership and with a new base of global operations in the U.S., is poised to offer exceptional support to its current customer base and present its new portfolio of innovative technologies to customers around the globe.